Creator of Phenomenal Female Business Accelerator

Marilen Crump #expertdreamcatcher is a Business Coach and Marketing Strategist based in Yorktown, VA. Her brand ARTINSPIRED began in 2000 and is a hub for all her inspiring programs designed to provide platforms of empowerment and self-development. She has dedicated her entire career to helping others succeed. Phenomenal Female Business Network (PFBN) is an extension of Marilen’s mission and brings together her seasoned clients for a vibrant mastermind experience built to support their entrepreneurial endeavors and create exciting achievements for their business.


You are Phenomenal…

We recognize that the contributions of Women in the Business World needs to be supported and encouraged. Phenomenal Female Business Network was created to help Start-Ups, Solopreneurs, Creatives and Innovators with effective strategies to scale their businesses for sustainable profitability.

YOU are why we are. Let’s make those DREAMS come to life. YOU are Phenomenal.

Who do we serve…

Women Solopreneurs

Mindset Coaches

Established Brick & Mortar Based Businesses

Corporate Trainers

Online Course Creators

Women Start-Up Entrepreneurs

Artists and Performers

Public Speakers and Authors

MLM Leaders

Personal Trainers

What does the Phenomenal Female Business Network (PFBN) includes…

Business Planning (All Levels)
Self-guided business plan creation using the PFBA Signature Process of Business Optimization: A (10) ten category milestone based progression designed to scale profits for any business with speed.

Sales and Marketing Training (All Levels)
Know the key ways to effectively market your business and create a Sales Funnel that easily converts prospects into paid clients. Avoid the pitfalls that many businesses experience. PFBA shows you how there are 5 Relationship/Engagement Tiers that must be structured in order for a Business Plan to be profitable.

Mastermind Meetings (Accelerator Members Only)
Weekly Group Strategy Calls where we present timely solutions structured to help the entire PFBA collective. This is not only motivational but jam-packed with accountability, education, training, and collaboration. All meetings are recorded and available for replay. Every week is MAGICAL!

Mentor One-on-One Meetings (VIP Level)
Regular individual conference calls for deeper level planning and implementation. From designing a new website, crafting content for a lead capture page, drafting a step-by-step plan for a launch, creating a new income stream from concept to sales, and so much more! You have access to bonus training, on-call direct feedback, and opportunities to get on a fast-track to 6-7 Figure earning.