A Strong Network of Positive People who Care About Success

We get to know our members and are interested in where they are on their professional journey.


An Authentic Approach

What makes our network unique…

We focus our attention to the ever-changing world that we live and work in. Women still face hurdles of inequality in income, opportunity, and wealth-building. Through our organization, we really do aim to help change the world by empowering every member with skills and tools to achieve success in their own terms.

Phenomenal Female Business Network is constantly studying and participating in solutions that are based on social networks and technological innovations. We then analyze its significance and create strategies that we can share through discussion and education of our members. Our hope is that no matter what kind of background or financial situation of any of our members, they will have access to information that will enhance their opportunities for success in business and in the global marketplace.

Simply put – we want to empower our members by sharing wisdom.

What’s even better than actionable wisdom? Our answer is Funding – but not in the traditional sense. We have created a simple system to give our members the power of AFFILIATE MARKETING by earning 25% by referring people who join our network.


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Our Network Launch

Phenomenal Female Business Network launch on February 25, 2021 with already 46 Founding Members on board. The mission is to help women develop their passions, grow their audience, achieve business milestones, and fund their dreams.

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Who we serve:

Women in Business | Women Entrepreneurs | Start-Ups | Retirees | Creatives | Artists | Coaches | Working Professionals: Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants, Doctors, Healthcare, Teachers, and more | Consultants | Performers | Students | Trainers | >>> Pretty much anyone who wants to be a part of an awesome network of women sharing a success journey… YOU!